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Greenwich Village
5 Bleecker Str. (btw Bowery & Elizabeth St.)
Phone: 212-260-4666
American Park
Financial District
Battery Park (opp. 17 State St.)
Phone: 212-809-5508
210 Spring Str. (6th Ave.)
Phone: 212-274-0505
Atlantic Grill
Upper East Side
1341 Third Ave. (btw 76th & 77th Str.)
Phone: 212-988-9200
Avra Estiatorio
Midtown East
141 East 48th Str. (btw Lexington & 3rd Ave.)
Phone: 212-759-8550
Blue Fin
Midtown West
1567 Broadway (47th St.)
Phone: 212-918-1400
Blue Water Grill
Union Square
31 Union Sq. West (16th St.)
Phone: 212-675-9500
Captain's Table, The
Midtown East
860 Second Ave. (46th St.)
Phone: 212-697-9538
Midtown West
145 West 55th Str. (btw 6th & 7th Ave.)
Phone: 212-974-7224
Midtown West
1240 Sixth Ave. (49th St.)
Phone: 212-332-1515
City Crab & Seafood Co.
Union Square
235 Park Ave. S. (19th St.)
Phone: 212-529-3800
City Hall
131 Duane Str. (btw Church Str. & West B'way)
Phone: 212-227-7777
Dalga Seafood Grill
Upper East Side
401 East 62nd Str. (btw 1st & York Ave.)
Phone: 212-813-1790
Upper West Side
103 West 77th Str. (btw Amsterdam & Columbus Ave.)
Phone: 212-721-6603
Greenwich Village
35 Cooper Sq. (btw 5th & 6th Str.)
Phone: 212-375-9195
Greenwich Village
280 Bleecker Str. (Jones St.)
Phone: 212-727-2879
Foley's Fish House
Midtown West
714 Seventh Ave. (btw 47th & 48th Str.)
Phone: 212-261-5200
Francisco's Centro Vasco
159 West 23rd Str. (btw 6th & 7th Ave.)
Phone: 212-645-6224
Frutti di Mare
East Village
84 East Fourth Str. (2nd Ave.)
Phone: 212-979-2034
Harry's at Hanover Square
Financial District
1 Hanover Sq. (btw Pearl & Stone Str.)
Phone: 212-425-3412
Jack Rose
Midtown West
771 Eighth Ave. (47th St.)
Phone: 212-247-7518
Kam Chueh
40 Bowery (btw Bayard & Canal Str.)
Phone: 212-791-6868
Lansky Lounge & Grill
Lower East Side
104 Norfolk Str. (btw Delancey & Rivington Str.)
Phone: 212-677-9489
Le Bernardin
Midtown West
155 West 51st Str. (btw 6th & 7th Ave.)
Phone: 212-554-1515
Le Pescadou
18 King Str. (6th Ave.)
Phone: 212-924-3434
Maine Lobster
Upper East Side
1631 Second Ave. (btw 84th & 85th Str.)
Phone: 212-327-4800
Manhattan Ocean Club
Midtown West
57 West 58th Str. (btw 5th & 6th Ave.)
Phone: 212-371-7777
Mary's Fish Camp
Greenwich Village
64 Charles Str. (W. 4th St.)
Phone: 646-486-2185
Metro Fish
Murray Hill
8 East 36th Str. (btw 5th & Madison Ave.)
Phone: 212-683-6444
Upper West Side
65 West 70th Str. (btw Columbus Ave. & CPW)
Phone: 212-873-2300
Milos, Estiatorio
Midtown West
125 West 55th Str. (btw 6th & 7th Ave.)
Phone: 212-245-7400
Moran's Chelsea
146 10th Ave. (19th St.)
Phone: 212-627-3030
Ocean Grill
Upper West Side
384 Columbus Ave. (btw 78th & 79th Str.)
Phone: 212-579-2300
Midtown East
55 East 54th Str. (btw Madison & Park Ave.)
Phone: 212-759-5941
Oyster Bar
Midtown East
Grand Central, lower level (42nd Str. & Vanderbilt Ave.)
Phone: 212-490-6650
Oyster Bar at the Plaza
Midtown West
768 Fifth Ave. (enter on 58th St., btw 5th & 6th Ave.)
Phone: 212-546-5340
Pearl Oyster Bar
Greenwich Village
18 Cornelia Str. (btw Bleecker & West 4th Str.)
Phone: 212-691-8211
Midtown East
955-957 Second Ave. (btw 50th & 51st Str.)
Phone: 212-752-7151
East Village
95 Ave. A (6th St.)
Phone: 212-260-6660
Q 56
Midtown East
65 East 56th Str. (btw Madison & Park Ave.)
Phone: 212-756-3925
Red Garlic
Midtown West
916 Eighth Ave. (btw 54th & 55th Str.)
Phone: 212-489-5237
Upper East Side
33 East 60th Str. (btw Madison & Park Ave.)
Phone: 212-319-3800
Salmon River
Midtown East
3 East 40th Str. (btw 5th & Madison Ave.)
Phone: 212-481-7887
Sea Grill
Midtown West
19 West 49th Str. (btw 5th & 6th Ave.)
Phone: 212-332-7610
Shaffer City Oyster Bar & Grill
Union Square
5 West 21st Str. (btw 5th & 6th Ave.)
Phone: 212-255-9827
St. Andrews
Midtown West
120 West 44th Str. (btw Broadway & 6th Ave.)
Phone: 212-840-8413
Stella del Mare
Murray Hill
346 Lexington Ave. (btw 39th & 40th Str.)
Phone: 212-687-4425
Trata Estiatorio
Upper East Side
1331 Second Ave. (btw 70th & 71st Str.)
Phone: 212-535-3800
Midtown East
200 Park Ave. (45th Str. & Lexington Ave.)
Phone: 212-867-6767
Tupelo Grill
Midtown West
1 Penn Plaza (33rd St., btw 7th & 8th Ave.)
Phone: 212-760-2700
Umberto's Clam House
Little Italy
178 Mulberry Str. (Broome St.)
Phone: 212-343-2053
Wild Tuna
Upper East Side
1081 Third Ave. (btw 63rd & 64th Str.)
Phone: 212-838-7570