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East Village
115 Avenue A
Phone: 212-475-7250
Back From Guatemala
East Village
306 East 6th Street
Phone: 212-260-7010
Bespeckled Trout
West Village
422 Hudson Street
Phone: 212-255-1421
Midtown West
16 West 50th Street
Phone: 212-262-3237
Chess Forum
Greenwich Village
219 Thompson Street
Phone: 212-475-2369
West Village
351 Bleecker Street
Phone: 212-691-9442
Counter Spy Shop
Midtown East
444 Madison Avenue
Phone: 212-688-8500
Craft Caravan
63 Greene Street
Phone: 212-431-6669
Do Kham/Tibet Emporium
51 Prince Street
Phone: 212-966-2404
Midtown West
10 West 56th Street
Phone: 212-247-5656
98 Thompson Street
Phone: 212-625-3131
Game Show
Greenwich Village
474 Sixth Avenue
Phone: 212-633-6328
Gates of Morocco
8 Prince Street
Phone: 212-925-2650
Hammacher Schlemmer
Midtown East
147 East 57th Street
Phone: 212-421-9000
Hello Sari
Lower East Side
261 Broome Street
Phone: 212-274-0791
Ito En
Upper East Side
822 Madison Avenue
Phone: 212-988-7111
West Village
394 Bleecker Street
Phone: 212-691-6775
Marcoart NYC
Lower Manhattan
181 Orchard Street
Phone: 212-253-1070
Museum of Modern Art Design Store
Midtown West
44 West 53rd Street
Phone: 212-767-1050
New York Transit Museum Gallery & Store
Murray Hill
Grand Central Terminal
Phone: 212-878-0106
Old Japan
West Village
382 Bleecker Street
Phone: 212-633-0922
Pan American Phoenix
Upper East Side
857 Lexington Avenue
Phone: 212-570-0300
Pearl River Mart
277 Canal Street
Phone: 212-431-4770
Pierpont Morgan Library Shop
Murray Hill
29 East 36th Street
Phone: 212-685-0008
Pop Shop
292 Lafayette Street
Phone: 212-219-2784
Potala, Inc.
Murray Hill
9 East 36th Street
Phone: 212-251-0360
Royal Sari House
Midtown West
264 Fifth Avenue
Phone: 212-679-0732
Studio Museum of Harlem Gift Shop
144 West 125th Street
Phone: 212-864-0014
Midtown East
625 Madison Avenue
Phone: 212-308-1710
Tah Poozie
78A Seventh Avenue
Phone: 212-647-0668
Takashimaya New York
Midtown East
693 Fifth Avenue
Phone: 212-350-0100
The American Craft Museum Shop
Midtown West
40 West 53rd Street
Phone: 212-956-3535
The American Museum of Natural History Gift Shop
Upper West Side
Central Park West
Phone: 212-769-5100
The Complete Strategist
Murray Hill
11 East 33rd Street
Phone: 212-685-3880
The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Shop
Upper East Side
2 East 91st Street
Phone: 212-849-8355
The Guggenheim Museum Store
Upper East Side
1071 Fifth Avenue
Phone: 212-423-3615
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Shop
Upper West Side
1000 Fifth Avenue
Phone: 212-570-3894
The Sharper Image
Upper East Side
900 Madison Avenue
Phone: 212-794-4974
The Wedding List
Upper East Side
29 East 73rd Street
Phone: 212-988-6166
Tibet Arts & Crafts, Inc.
144 Sullivan Street
Phone: 212-529-4344
Toys in Babeland
Lower East Side
94 Rivington Street
Phone: 212-375-1701
United Nations Gift Shop
Midtown East
2 United Nations Plaza
Phone: 212-963-7700
Village Chess Shop
Greenwich Village
230 Thompson Street
Phone: 212-475-9580
Vision of Tibet
167 Thompson Street
Phone: 212-995-9276
Whitney Museum Store
Upper East Side
945 Madison Avenue
Phone: 212-570-3614