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Alice's Tea Cup
Upper West Side
102 West 73rd Str. (btw Amsterdam & Columbus Ave.)
Phone: 212-799-3006
Cafe du Pont
Midtown East
1038 First Ave. (btw 56th & 57th Str.)
Phone: 212-223-1133
Upper West Side
55 West 21st Str. (btw 5th & 6th Ave.)
Phone: 212-929-0740
Carlyle Restaurant
Upper East Side
35 East 76th Str. (Madison Ave.)
Phone: 212-744-1600
Four Seasons
Midtown East
99 East 52nd Str. (btw Lexington & Park Ave.)
Phone: 212-754-9494
Kings' Carriage House
Upper East Side
251 East 82nd Str. (btw 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
Phone: 212-734-5490
Leopard, The
Midtown East
253 East 50th Str. (btw 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
Phone: 212-759-3735
Upper West Side
141 West 69th Str. (btw Broadway & Columbus Ave.)
Phone: 212-877-8457
Londel's Supper Club
2620 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (btw 139th & 140th Str.)
Phone: 212-234-6114
Palm Court
Midtown West
768 Fifth Ave. (Central Park S.)
Phone: 212-546-5350
Midtown West
182 West 58th Str. (7th Ave.)
Phone: 212-245-2214
Midtown West
234 West 44th Str. (btw Broadway & 8th Ave.)
Phone: 212-221-8440
Top of the Tower
Midtown East
3 Mitchell Pl. (1st Ave. & 49th St.)
Phone: 212-980-4796
Midtown West
1535 Broadway (btw 45th & 46th Str.)
Phone: 212-704-8900